Saul Martinez Weekly

Date: January 25, 2018


Task #1 Playground Swings, January 22nd – Our swings have been out of order for a few years. Special thanks to our maintaince department who repaired them. The students are happy and are having a great time.

Task #2: Kindness Week, January 22rd – 26th – Students and staff participated in various acts of kindness. Students were challenged to complete the Great Kindness Checklist. In rerun they will receive a special treat.

Kindness Week

Task #3: Dance Amigos, January 24th – Rich and Cheri, Dance Amigos, visited our ASES Ballroom Dancers. They spent 2 hours practicing fancy footwork. The ballroom dancers are preparing for their competition in April.

Dance Amigos

Task #4: Solar System Presentations, January 25th – Ms. Olmedo’s 5th grade students invited me to attend presentations on the solar system. The students did an amazing job in presenting their Keynote. In addition each group created a paper model of the planet they researched and a poster. They also had to add an element of surprise.

5th Grade Solar System Presentations